Which Parent Decides?

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Private school or public school? Piano or ski lessons? Health food or junk food? Your parents make a lot of decisions for you. What happens when they break up? Who makes the decisions then?


Both your parents make decisions about you.

Important Decisions

Parents must make important decisions about you together.

What is an important decision? Here are some examples:

  • where you go to school 
  • your health care
  • activities you take part in over a long period

Everyday Decisions

Each parent has the right to make everyday decisions that affect you when you are with that parent.

What is an everyday decision? Here are a few examples:

  • deciding on your bedtime
  • letting you go out
  • taking you to a movie

It would be silly if your parents had to make every decision together. Imagine this:"Hi John. It’s me again. Alex is still hungry. Are you ok with him having another helping of dessert?”

However, each parent has a right to know about everyday decisions the other parent makes and is allowed to complain if those decisions endanger your health, safety or development.


What if a parent disagrees with a decision of the other parent?

A parent who disagrees with a decision of the other parent can go to court and ask a judge to decide. The judge will make the decision based on what’s best for you


Your father wants you to go to a private school. Your mother wants you to go to a public school.  

Who decides? The judge.

Important !
This article explains in a general way the law that applies in Quebec. This article is not a legal opinion or legal advice. To find out the specific rules for your situation, consult a lawyer or notary.