Work, Religion, Family and Criminal Justice: The Rights of Youth Here and Around the World



In this activity, students step into the shoes of a judge, lawyer or social worker to write a persuasive or explanatory text on one of these four themes:

  • freedom of religion of children and teenagers
  • children and teenagers and work 
  • the rights of children when parents divorce
  • criminal system punishments for teenagers

Target Audience

Secondary 4 and 5


Flexible. Our teacher's guide suggests four class periods.

Suggested Courses

  • English Language Arts and Français, langue seconde teachers can use this activity to help students learn how to structure a persuasive or explanatory text.
  • Ethics and Religious Culture teachers can use the activity to have students reflect on ethical issues and the themes of tolerance, criminal justice and work conditions in certain countries.
  • For teachers of History, the activity is useful for presenting legal documents that protect human rights and getting students thinking about the evolution of rights over time.

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Depending on which theme is chosen:

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Outside Tools

  • The website of Equitas – the International Centre for Human Rights Education - has teaching guides on the rights of children and human rights generally.
  • Unicef has teaching resources about the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Outside Resources


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