Run a Mock Mediation Session in Class



Conflict is an inevitable reality of living in society. It arises whenever two people with different needs, interests, opinions and goals cannot agree. It takes various forms: arguments, silence, violence, relationship break-ups, a sense of unfairness or not being respected, lawsuits, etc.

Mediation can be a simple way to solve conflicts. Its success depends, in part, on each side’s willingness and ability to find a lasting, effective solution.

Students are asked to take on specific roles in a simulated mediation session involving two teens and their families in conflict. They are called on to use their cooperation skills to find a solution they can all live with.

Target Audience

Grade 6 students.


Two 60-minute class periods

Suggested Courses

  • Ethics and Religious Culture
  • Français, langue seconde
  • English Language Arts

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