Help Students Discover Legal Careers!



There are a lot of careers in the field of law. Some are well-known, but others are not.

In these activities, students learn about the variety of law-related jobs.

In the first activity (Who am I?), students are introduced to the various careers. The activity comes with a guide and PowerPoint. With the help of clues, students must identify the various careers. 

The second activity helps students get a more in-depth look at these careers. It follows up on the first activity (Who am I?). Working in teams, students have to hunt for answers and then fill in the blanks to get a detailed picture of each career.

Teachers are also invited to let students explore the Legal Careers section on Éducaloi's Youth Zone website.

Target Audience

High school students, especially Secondary Cycle Two


  • Activity 1 – Who am I? – 60 minutes
  • Activity 2 – Fill in the Blanks – 75 minutes

Suggested Courses

  • Work-Oriented Training Path
  • Personal Orientation Project

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Related Content

In its Legal Careers website section, Éducaloi gives the ins and outs of 15 law-related careers.

You can also download or order a legal careers pamphlet.

Outside Resources

Emploi Québec has a website with detailed information on many careers: descriptions, job prospects, training, etc.

The website Heading for Success also has a lot of information on a wide variety of careers.


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