Meet Indigenous Legal Professionals


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Inspiring Role Models (videos)

Sonya & Patricia, Native Court Workers 


Sonya & Patricia are courtworkers. The talk about how they became courtworkers and their passion
for their career.


Martha, Lawyer & Accredited Mediator


Martha is a lawyer and a mediator from Kahnawake. She talks about how she became a lawyer and her passion for her career.


Julian, Human relations officer


Julian is a human relations officer from the Kitigan Zibi First Nation. He talks about how he became a social worker and his passion for his career.


Éric, Police Officer (French video)


Éric is a police officer from the Pessamit First Nation. In this video, he talks about his passion for his job and what it’s like working in an Indigenous community.   


Maggie, Paralegal and Legal Interpreter (French video)


Maggie is a paralegal and legal interpreter in the Artikamekw community of Manawan. She talks about her love for work and the pride she takes in it every day.   


Fanny, Lawyer (French video) 


Fanny is a lawyer from the Pikogan community in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. She talks about her journey and passion for her career.


Legal Careers

This section has information about various legal careers. Learn about the training required, job prospects, skills needed and other aspects for each career. All content was created with the realities of Indigenous communities in mind. Click on a career to learn more! 


 I want to protect citizens!



I want to go into politics!

   • Band Chief

   • Band councillor

   • Member of the National Assembly / Parliament



I want to help people!

  • Social Worker

  • Addictions Worker

  • Probation Officer or Parole Officer

  • Indigenous Offender Support Officers

  • Courtworker


I want to work in the justice system!

  • Notary

  • Lawyer

  • Judge

  • Paralegal



I want the justice system to run smoothly!