High School Teaching Guides

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Our ready-to-go guides help teachers talk about legal topics in their courses.

The guides help students build knowledge and skills central to History and Citizenship Education, Ethics and Religious Culture and English Language Arts. They are also a perfect fit with the Quebec Education Program’s Broad Area of Learning Citizenship and Community Life.

Since the guides are also available in French, they can be used as part of Français, langue seconde courses.

Criminal Trials: Actors and Steps

Legal Careers

Legal Careers in the Indigenous Context

Bullying: Should the Law Be Involved?



A Right to Privacy



The Criminal Legal System for Teenagers





The Rights of Youth Here and Around the World


Run a Mock Mediation Session in Class

Bioéthique: les bébés-médicaments (French Only)


Procès simulé: L'interrogatoire (French Only)



L'évolution du droit à l'avortement (French Only)



Tiens, voilà l'État! (French Only)