Éducaloi's School Workshops: Description and Who Can Participate

The Workshops

The workshops are designed to fit into one class period of about one hour. Each workshop can accommodate up to 40 students.

The volunteer needs access to computer equipment in the classroom for a PowerPoint presentation.

Who Can Participate

To have a volunteer visit, you must meet these criteria:

  • You are the teacher or other person in charge of the class or group. All secondary levels and both public and private schools are welcome.
  • You make a request on behalf of one or several high school classes. You can fill out a single request for a maximum of three consecutive classes, provided it is for the same workshop. If you want the same workshop for more than three consecutive classes, simply fill out an additional request.
  • Specify the date(s) and time(s) for the visit(s), giving at us least eight weeks’ advance notice to match your school with a volunteer

For the moment, the program is designed for high-schools and we cannot accommodate other organizations.

Requests are processed according to the availability of our volunteers.

The Workshops Offered

Here is a description of the workshops:

Secondary 1

The Law: It's Not Like in the Movies! By staging a mock criminal trial, students discover the roles of various players in the Quebec justice system, the steps in a trial and basic criminal law concepts.

Overview of Workshop (PDF)

Note: This workshop requires 30 minutes of preparation by students before the visit by the volunteer.

Secondary 2

Beat the Buzzer! In this game, teams square off to answer questions about legal issues in the lives of 12- 17-year-olds.

Overview of Workshop (PDF)

Secondary 3

The Small Claims Court Is in Session! Students stage a mock civil trial between a consumer and a business. They discover the various players involved and experience what a trial is like in this court.

Overview of Workshop (PDF)

Note: This workshop requires 30 minutes of preparation by students before the visit by the volunteer.

Secondary 4

Pick Your Side! Students take a position on issues that will stimulate debate. They learn that the concept of “justice” evolves constantly and is shaped by the clash of ideas and changing societal values.

Overview of Workshop (PDF)

Secondary 5

Ready, Set, Invest! Students step into the shoes of an investor and reflect on legal and ethical business practices before making investment decisions.

Overview of Workshop (PDF)

16- 21-year-olds

The Rules of the Game! In this game show activity, students debate legal issues in the lives of young adults: work, housing, consumer rights, the criminal justice system, and more.

Overview of Workshop (PDF)

Additional Activities

Here are some follow-up activities you can do with your students:

Additional Activities (PDF)


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