Separation: Myths and Realities


Couples breaking up have lots of questions: living arrangements for children, financial support, steps in a divorce ... We think we know the answers. But what does the law really say?


Losing Child Custody

Parents who lose custody of their children often fear they'll no longer have a say in the children upbringing.

Learn more: Rights of the Parent Without Custody


Who Gets Child Custody?

When a judge decides who gets child custody, we often think that the court favours the mother.

Learn more: Child Custody Decisions: Criteria Used and Types of Custody


Child Support at Age 18

When a child turns 18, some parents think they can stop paying child support.

Learn more: Child Support: Common Questions


Financial Support for an Ex Spouse

When getting divorced, one spouse might be afraid of ending up in a tough financial situation.

Learn more: Financial Support for an Ex-Spouse


Filing for Divorce

To get divorced, you might think that one spouse has to do something wrong, or that both spouses must agree to it.

Learn more: The Three Legal Reasons for Divorce


The Rights of Common Law Couples

Common-law or “de facto” couples often think that if they break up, they’ll have the same rights as married couples.

Learn more: Written Agreements Between Common-Law Partners


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