For many Quebecers, winter means going south to the United States. Passports, insurance, travelling with children: here are you tips to help you plan your escape!   1 – Make sure your passport is good for your whole stay. You need a valid passport to leave Canada by air. Important! Some countries won’t let you enter if your passport will expire during your trip. Before you leave, check the expiry date on your passport to avoid surprises. You... Read more

For many people, the holidays are a way to end the year on a high note. Shopping, parties, travel, sports and family visits can be lots of fun. But they can also cause stress and even legal problems. These tips will help you enjoy the holidays with peace of mind.   1 – Divorced or Separated Parents: Who Gets the Children? Living Arrangements for Children Court decisions and agreements approved by a court or a special court clerk often say who... Read more

A law called An Act respecting end-of-life care came into effect on December 10, 2015. The law is meant to ensure, in particular, that people at the end of their lives receive care that respects their dignity and wishes. The law contains two important developments:  the right to get medical help to die in some situations advance medical directives   Medical Help to Die The new law gives patients the right to get medical help to die. Under the... Read more

On Sunday, December 6, 2015, Guy Turcotte was found guilty of the second-degree murder of his children. The automatic sentence for the crime is life in prison, with a possibility of being released after a number of years. In the next few weeks, the judge will decide the minimum amount of time Turcotte will have to spend behind bars. In this article, Éducaloi explains the main legal concepts related to Turcotte’s case.   Criminally Responsible... Read more

Transgender people can now get official documents stating their true sexual identities without having sex-change surgery or medical treatment. And earlier this year, the Quebec Superior Court ruled that transgender parents should have the same rights as other parents when it comes to children's living arrangements.   One Simple Step The rules that became law on October 1, 2015, simplify the process to change the gender and name recorded in... Read more

The federal election is Monday, October 19.  Polling stations, times, identification, time off work … here's what you need to know to vote.   Times On Monday, October 19, you can vote in Quebec between 9:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. It's too late to vote ahead of time. Advance voting was from October 9 to 12. It's now finished.    Employers Must Give Time Off Work The general rule is that workers must be given three hours in a row to vote in the... Read more

Has a candidate in the upcoming federal elections called you? Candidates, or their representatives, can stop you in the street and even come knocking on your door. They’re looking for your vote or a contribution to their campaign. Are they allowed to do this? What are the rules on soliciting during election campaigns?   How do candidates get your contact information? Elections Canada prepares a voters list and gives it to the candidates in an... Read more

  Over the past year, many sexual assault victims came forward even though the assault took place long ago. But can a sexual aggressor be taken to court 10, 20 or even 30 years after the assault? Yes, it's possible in some cases. But the time limits depend on whether the aggressor is taken to court in a civil case or a criminal case.   Civil Case or Criminal Case? A sexual assault harms not only the victim, but society as a whole. That's why it... Read more