Over the past year, many sexual assault victims came forward even though the assault took place long ago. But can a sexual aggressor be taken to court 10, 20 or even 30 years after the assault? Yes, it's possible in some cases. But the time limits depend on whether the aggressor is taken to court in a civil case or a criminal case.   Civil Case or Criminal Case? A sexual assault harms not only the victim, but society as a whole. That's why it... Read more

It’s back-to-school time and you’re determined to get back into shape by joining a gym! But what if your enthusiasm fades? Can you cancel your gym membership and get a refund? This article provides some useful information so you won't lose money for nothing. Learn About the Gym's Cancellation Policy Before deciding which gym to join, make sure you ask questions about their cancellation and refund policies. Some gyms will let you put your... Read more

Since June 1, 2015, motorized wheelchairs and three- and four-wheeled motorized mobility aids can share the road with cars, bicycles and pedestrians. This is a pilot project of the Quebec department of transport. It will test whether these “motorized mobility aids” (MMAs) can co-exist with other users of roads and sidewalks. The pilot project runs for three years across Quebec.   MMAs Can’t Be Used Everywhere You can now use MMAs on sidewalks... Read more

The law is strict when it comes to drinking and driving. So learn what the law says, obey the law and share this information with your friends and family.   1 - Breath Sample Test: Refusing to take the test is a crime It's a crime to refuse to blow into an approved screening device used by patrol officers. The punishments are the same as for impaired driving: a fine, going to jail, losing your licence and getting a criminal record. The police... Read more

  Will mediation become a required step in small claims cases?  Maybe! A pilot project takes a step in this direction. It starts on May 15 in the court regions of Gatineau and Terrebonne. This project, which might later include the whole province, reflects a new attitude toward the legal system.   What Is Mandatory Mediation in Small Claims Court?  Mediation is already offered for free in most cases and regions. But people are free to use it... Read more

Did you know that victims of crimes are entitled to support under the law? For National Victims of Crime Awareness Week, Éducaloi explains what you should know.   Victims of some crimes can get financial and psychological support. The IVAC program (indemnisation des victimes d'actes criminels) was set up by the Quebec government. It compensates victims of crimes for both their physical and psychological injuries in some cases.    The program... Read more

Cyberbullying can have legal consequences parents should know about.   1 - Hateful emails, threatening messages, posting embarrassing pictures... That's cyberbullying! Cyberbullying is bullying. The only difference between the two is the use of technology. The content of cyberbullying can spread quickly over social networks and reach a lot of people. Once online, it's often very hard to remove. Anyone, any time can be a victim of cyberbullying... Read more

  There are no court cases that deal directly with the right of school authorities to do strip searches on students. But there are some decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada that can guide us on this delicate subject. The Right of School Authorities to Conduct Searches In a 1998 case, the Supreme Court said that school authorities can search a student if they have good reasons to think that a student has disobeyed school rules, and the... Read more