Every year, forest fires ravage thousands of hectares of trees in Quebec. People aren’t always to blame, but are you allowed to start a fire in the great outdoors?   In Quebec’s national parks A simple rule applies in Quebec’s national parks: campfires are only allowed in places specifically marked for that purpose.   In or near a forest Before starting a fire in or near a forest, make sure you follow these rules: Clear all dead wood, branches... Read more

Planning to take a motorcycle on your vacation? Whether it’s your own bike or one borrowed from a friend, make sure you know all the rules of the road!   Extra rules for motorcycles The rules for driving cars apply to driving motorcycles: respect speed limits and road signals, don’t drive while impaired, etc. But motorcyclists must follow additional rules. You and your passengers must wear helmets or risk a fine of $200 to $300. You also need... Read more

It’s festival season! Do you buy tickets online? New rules let you cancel your purchase in some situations. Important! These rules apply to ticket resales between a merchant and a consumer, not to resales between individuals.   Cancellation and refund You can now cancel your ticket purchase from a reseller if the event is cancelled or postponed to a date that doesn’t suit you. You can also cancel your purchase if the location, seat or value of... Read more

Check out these new rules!   Terraces and minors If you’re under 18 and accompanied by a parent, you can now stay on a terrace where alcohol is sold until 10 pm. But you’re still not allowed inside the bar.   Selling alcohol in the morning Grocery stores can now start selling alcohol as early as 7 am.   Being in a bar after it’s closed You’re allowed to stay in a bar up to one hour after it closes--time to call a taxi and wait for it.    ... Read more

Air conditioners, lawnmowers and barking dogs . . . summer noises can lead to sleepless nights and conflicts with neighbours. But before getting into an argument, learn the rules that you and your neighbours must follow, and how you can solve conflicts through citizen mediation.   1 - Laws, building rules and municipal by-laws deal with neighbourhood noise.   The rules depend on whether you live in the city or the country, in an apartment... Read more

Lawmakers are heading home for the summer. But they’ve proposed some new laws that might impact your everyday life.   Road Safety New rules of the road will take effect gradually until 2019. They included increased fines, no more headphones for cyclists and curfews for people learning to drive.   Labour standards New labour standards to improve work-life balance will take effect gradually until 2019.   Consumer protection Changes to control the... Read more

Changes have been made to the law on labour standards. Here are five of them, with the dates they take effect.   1 – Annual vacation Workers will have three weeks’ paid vacation after three years working for the same employer, instead of five years. Takes effect January 1, 2019.     2 – Psychological harassment Acts of sexual harassment are now included in the definition of psychological harassment. Workers now have two years, instead of just... Read more

New changes in the law seek to prevent youth and non-smokers from becoming addicted to nicotine through vaping products.   Protecting youth and non-smokers Since 2015 in Quebec, most of the rules on smoking also apply to vaping, including a ban on selling vaping products to people under 18. Now on-line sales of vaping products to people under 18 are also illegal. Delivery personnel have a duty to check that the buyer is 18 or older. Also banned... Read more