Most apartment leases in Quebec end on June 30 of each year. Many tenants have already received a notice about renewing their leases in July 2017. But some tenants might have received a notice that the landlord wants to take back (repossess) the apartment or evict them. What can you do if your landlord wants to raise the rent, repossess the apartment or evict you? What must you do if you want to move?   Rent Increases and Lease Renewals To... Read more

You might think twice about leaving your belongings in a cloakroom in restaurants, bars and other places. Who is responsible if they’re lost, stolen or damaged?   A Contract At the entrance to a bar, you see a cloakroom with a sign that says “Checking $2.00.” You leave your coat with the clerk for the evening. You’ve just entered into a contract and special rules apply.  If you pay to check your belongings, the establishment must return them on... Read more

The holidays are here and they often come with lots of partying, lots to drink…and roadblocks! Here is some information to help you spend your time with loved ones instead of at a police station!   Roadblocks During the holidays, the police are allowed to stop drivers at roadblocks. Making a U-turn to try to avoid the roadblock will only make the police more suspicious.     Tests for Blood-Alcohol Levels The police can take a preliminary breath... Read more

Snow, sleet, freezing rain... There’s no end to what falls from the winter sky! Don’t let the weather make you lose sight of your responsibilities when it comes to snow clearing.   Owners, clear your doorways and stairs. Make sure your property is safe for visitors. It’s your responsibility to clear the snow and, if necessary, spread sand or salt as soon as possible after a storm. This prevents accidents and lawsuits. Someone who gets hurt... Read more

In the eyes of the law, you become an adult at 18 in Quebec. But did you know children and teens get some rights before then? Éducaloi has a handy tool called "Are you old enough?" It shows legal rights at various ages. To mark Universal Children’s Day on November 20, here are some interesting facts about the rights of youth.   Working In Quebec, there's no minimum age to have a job. But there are rules to protect children: Until the end of... Read more

Who owns the moon? The question is in the news! The United States government just gave permission to a company called Moon Express to land on the moon. The company wants to perfect its spacecraft and explore the resources of this part of the solar system. The astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first to step on the moon on July 20, 1969 at 10:56 p.m. (Eastern Time). He might have planted the American flag on the surface, but the moon doesn't... Read more

Special rules apply when children under 18 travel in Canada or to another country. Some rules depend on whether the child is travelling alone or with an adult. Canada, foreign countries and transport companies all have their own rules. Find out what they are for a vacation without worry.   1 – Travel to another country: Children need a passport. The Canadian government recommends that all children under 18 have a valid passport when travelling... Read more

It’s tax time again! Learn some of the rules before it’s too late, especially if it's the first time you are filing income tax returns. Income tax returns are forms you fill out and send to the Quebec and federal governments. In the forms, you state the money you earned in the year and give other financial information. Who has to file tax returns? Are the Quebec and federal rules the same? What is the deadline? What happens if you’re late or... Read more