The holidays are fast approaching . . . and office holiday parties too! Are you organizing one for your team? Depending on your plans, you may need an alcohol permit. If so, it’s time to get on it!    It all depends on the location of the party An alcohol permit is usually not required if you organize an event at your office and provide your own alcohol. The same goes for events where people bring their own alcohol.  It’s different if you... Read more

Office parties are a good way to celebrate the holiday season with your coworkers. But even though fun is in the air, some behaviours are not allowed.      The festive atmosphere is no excuse. The office party is still a workplace even if it takes place after working hours or outside the office.  But the relaxed atmosphere or the presence of alcohol can lead to behaviour that amounts to sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment... Read more

Cannabis (pot) is now legal in Canada. But that doesn’t mean you can consume it or be high anytime, anywhere. There are special rules for cannabis in the workplace. Note: These rules apply to recreational cannabis. The rules may be different for medical marijuana.   At the workplace It is against the law to smoke cannabis in most workplaces. As with cigarettes, the 9-metre rule applies. You are thus prohibited from smoking cannabis within 9... Read more

It’s now official! Cannabis (pot) is legal in Canada. But people still have questions: Where can you smoke? How much can you possess, in public and at home?   How many grams can you possess? In Quebec, cannabis is only legal for adults. People under 18 won’t be allowed to possess any amount of cannabis. For adults, the maximum amount depends on where they are. They can possess up to 30 grams in public places, and up to 150 grams at home. These... Read more

Monday, October 8 is Thanksgiving. It’s one of eight public holidays in Quebec. But are you entitled to a long weekend? Here are rules for workers covered by Quebec’s labour standards law.   A paid day off A public holiday—sometimes called a statutory holiday—is a day when you don’t usually work, but you get paid anyway. But you don’t get salary like on a regular work day: you get money as compensation. The amount is calculated based on various... Read more

October 1 is voting day in Quebec. If you must work that day, your employer must give you time off to vote.   Four consecutive hours On Monday, October 1, the polls are open from 9:30 am to 8 pm. If it’s a working day for you, your employer must ensure you have four consecutive hours to vote. Examples: If you usually work from 8 am to 4 pm, you employer doesn’t have to give you any time off because you’ll have four consecutive hours from 4 pm... Read more

As Quebec students go back to school, a case about sharing intimate photos is making the news. Here are reminders about what the law says.   Crimes Sharing intimate photos of someone without that person’s permission is a crime. For example, you can’t post intimate photos of your ex on social media or send them to a friend. If the person in the photos is under 18, anyone who shares the photos can also be accused of distributing child pornography... Read more

The provincial election campaign is now in full swing. On October 1, almost 6.1 million Quebecers will be called to the polls.   Why vote? In a few weeks, you can vote for your member of the National Assembly (MNA). Quebec is divided into 125 ridings, and an MNA is elected for each riding. Usually, the leader of the party that wins the election becomes the premier of Quebec. The outcome of the election has an impact on citizens’ daily lives.... Read more