New measures in 2016 and 2017 have given trans persons more legal protection. “Gender identity or expression” is now recognized in many laws. Good to know: “Trans” is an umbrella term that includes all gender identities that are not cisnormative, that is, that do not match the gender assigned at birth. “Trans” can refer to trans women and trans men, and to transsexual, transgender, transvestite, two-spirit, genderqueer and non-binary persons,... Read more

There are a lot of public holidays during the year, including June 24 and July 1. Legal rules vary depending on the holiday. Those rules include what happens when the day falls on a Saturday, like this year. The rules explained here apply to employees covered by the Act respecting labour standards.  Read our article Workplace Protections in Quebec to see if you fall into this category.   A paid day off  A public holiday – sometimes called a... Read more

Specialized websites make it easy to rent a room, apartment or home to travellers. But be careful! In Quebec, there are rules, no matter which website you use. This article explains the basic rules, and refers you to other sources of information.   Renting to Travellers: Sometimes, Often …? If you only rent "occasionally", there are not too many rules to follow. The law does not define "occasionally." But Tourism Québec gives some examples:... Read more

What can smokers in Quebec do? Take our true or false quiz to find out.   1. You can smoke in your apartment. Answer   True, most of the time. The law doesn’t prevent you from smoking in your own home. But if you are a tenant, your lease might prevent you from smoking in your apartment. And if you live in a condo, your condominium rules might prohibit smoking. In either case, smoking is not allowed in common areas.     2. You can smoke in... Read more

Éducaloi is pleased to announce its partnership with FACIL’iti FACIL’iti is a tool that makes websites more accessible to everyone. It does more than just change the size of text: FACIL’iti changes type, colours of letters and words, spacing, the arrangement of pages, etc. To use FACIL’iti, you need to create a profile by clicking on the logo on the top right side of this page. You will be asked some questions to help you create a profile that... Read more

It’s income tax time again! Learn important rules before it’s too late, especially if it's the first time you're filing taxes.  Income tax returns are forms you fill out and send to the Quebec and federal governments. In the forms, you state the money you earned in the year and give other financial information.  Who has to file tax returns? Are the Quebec and federal rules the same? What's the deadline? What happens if you’re late or make a... Read more

We’re allowed to express our opinions on the Internet and social media. We can comment on newspaper articles, react to a video or just say how we feel on social media. But there can be a fine line between freedom of expression and doing something illegal.   Freedom of Expression Has Limits  Expressing your opinion is a fundamental right protected by our charters of rights and freedoms. The Internet is a powerful tool for expressing opinions to... Read more

—  My new landlord won't let me move in with my pets... —  My tenants never told me they wanted to adopt a Labrador... —  My children want to adopt a kitten... What does my lease say? With moving time around the corner, Éducaloi has important information about your right to keep pets in your apartment.   1 - The law has not changed. Every year the same rumour spreads on social media that landlords can't prevent you from having a pet in your... Read more