You want to take a case to small claims court? Or maybe you’re being sued in this court? In addition to our Web guide, here are other helpful resources.   Sued or being sued? Do you want to claim $15,000 or less from someone? This pamphlet will help you with each step in the process. It even tells you how to settle out of court. Also, watch our video on mediation. Is someone claiming $15,000 or less from you? This pamphlet explains how to... Read more

A class action is a court case started by one person on behalf of everyone who has the same problem. There are lots of class actions on many different issues. Some make the news, others not. You might be interested in these.   Authorized class actions    You need a judge’s permission to start a class action. Here are some recently authorized class actions: Taxis against the government   On October 18, 2019, a class action was authorized on... Read more

Each new year is an opportunity to look back on the past. Each day brings new experiences, new questions about your rights, and you look to Éducaloi for the answers. Housing, family, health . . . here are the most consulted articles in 2018.                    

Ah . . . a lovely blanket of white! Now who has to shovel it? Who clears the stairs? Who’s responsible if someone falls and gets hurt?   Owners, clear your doorways and stairs. Make sure your property is safe for visitors. It’s your responsibility to clear the snow and, if necessary, spread sand or salt as soon as possible after a storm. This prevents accidents and lawsuits. Someone who gets hurt falling on an icy staircase can take you to... Read more

Starting June 1, 2019, new rules will apply to drone pilots. They’ll need a pilot certificate and will have to register their drones   Mandatory Certificate Drone pilots will need a certificate to operate a drone weighing 250 g to 25 kg. There are two kinds of certificates depending on how you use the drone: Basic operations certificate If you’re 14 or older, you can get this certificate by passing an online test and paying the required fee.... Read more

Two Quebecers with incurable degenerative illnesses are contesting some of the requirements to get medical help to die. They don’t qualify because they are not at the end of life and their deaths are not imminent.   Specific requirements In Quebec, people can ask for medical help to die if they are at the end of life. Under federal law, a person must have a serious and incurable illness. One of the requirements for a  serious and incurable... Read more

Every year during the holiday season, roadblocks seem to pop up everywhere. Since December 18, police officers have more leeway to ask drivers for a breath sample.   No need to suspect drivers of drinking Under the old rules, police could ask drivers for a breath sample if they thought the drivers had been drinking, for example, they could smell alcohol on a driver’s breath. But now police don’t need a reason! They can ask all drivers they stop... Read more

Every year, especially at this time of the year, many Quebecers receive eviction or repossession notices from their landlords. These notices must meet strict conditions.   More notices in December Landlords who want to repossess an apartment must notify the tenant six months before the end of the lease if the lease is for more than six months. In Quebec, most leases are for one year, from July 1 to June 30. So, landlords must send their notices... Read more