With summer on the way, it’s time to dust off the lawnmower. This year, your mower could make you money thanks to a class action that ended this winter. The settlement says that lawnmower manufacturers must pay about $7.5 million to buyers.   Do you have a right to payment? If you bought a lawnmower with an engine that was 30 horse-power or less between January 1, 1994 and December 31, 2012, you might have a right to payment. Several... Read more

There are a lot of public holidays during the year. This year, the spring holiday is on April 19 or 22. Can you take both days off work? If not, which day are you allowed? The rules explained here apply to employees covered by the Act respecting labour standards. Read our article Workplace Protections in Quebec to see if you fall into this category.   Friday or Monday? Your employer decides whether you take the holiday on Friday, April 19 or... Read more

It’s income tax time again! Learn important rules before it’s too late, especially if it's the first time you're filing taxes.  Income tax returns are forms you fill out and send to the Quebec and federal governments. In the forms, you state the money you earned in the year and give other financial information.  Who has to file tax returns? Are the Quebec and federal rules the same? What's the deadline? What happens if you’re late or make a... Read more

Whether your dog yaps, yips or just wags its tail, you have responsibilities as a pet owner.  Thinking of adopting a furry friend? Getting out more now that spring is here? Read on!   Check your local rules Your city or town probably has rules on pets. They vary from place to place. For example, you might need to use a leash, pick up doggy doo-doo and have a permit. Go to your local government’s website to find all the rules.    If your dog... Read more

People can commit crimes on behalf of companies, like fraud, criminal negligence or falsifying documents. But can companies be accused of crimes themselves? If yes, how are they punished? Who goes to prison?    Corporate Criminal Liability In Canada, an organization like a company can be accused of a crime. Like a real person, companies can have a trial, defend themselves and be sentenced if they are found guilty.   Heavy Fines  A company can’... Read more

Canada’s food guide came out early this year. But it’s still not easy to know exactly what we’re putting on our plates. Nutritional value, organic, product origin . . . do you know what’s true and what isn’t?   A merchant can sell foods that have passed their “best before” dates. True. The “best before” date is given for information purposes only. It’s illegal to sell food that’s gone bad, for example, rotten meat. It’s also illegal for the... Read more

Road conditions are usually more dangerous in winter. That’s why drivers must follow special rules or risk hefty fines.   Remove snow from your whole car. Before taking to the road, you must clear the snow from your car. All windows must allow good visibility, or you risk a fine of up to $200. The police can even make you remove the snow from the windows. You must also clear any snow or ice that can fall off your car and endanger other road... Read more

For many, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pop the question: Will you marry me? And for others, it’s the time when they say yes. But what happens if they change their minds?    Engagement and the law  Accepting a marriage proposal indicates an intention to marry. But an engagement doesn’t change the civil status of the future spouses. There are no laws on marriage proposals as there are for getting married. So, people who accept a... Read more