Legalizing cannabis takes effect this summer. The rules are still being debated and might change. For now, here are four things to know.   Smoking Smoking cannabis in your home will be legal, but a lease or condo rules might not allow it. Smoking outside will be allowed according to the same rules for smoking tobacco. You won’t be allowed to smoke cannabis in public places, bars, restaurants, children’s playgrounds, sports centres or on... Read more

The Superior Court just permitted a class action be taken against Volkswagen. If successful, every Quebecer could get as much as $35.    Dieselgate Aftermath Dieselgate exploded in 2015 with news that Volkswagen and Audi cars were fixed to fool pollution tests. The AQLPA, an organization against air pollution, started the class action. It claims that anyone living in Quebec between 2009 and 2015 should be compensated for being exposed to this... Read more

Each new year is an opportunity to look back on the past. Each day brings new experiences, new questions about your rights, and you look to Éducaloi for the answers. Housing, family, health . . . here are the most consulted articles in 2017.   10 – Language Laws and Doing Business in Quebec The Charter of the French Language (Charte de la langue française in French) is a Quebec law that makes French the usual language of business in Quebec.   9... Read more

Who is responsible for clearing the stairs? Who is responsible if someone falls and gets hurt?   Owners, clear your doorways and stairs. Make sure your property is safe for visitors. It’s your responsibility to clear the snow and, if necessary, spread sand or salt as soon as possible after a storm. This prevents accidents and lawsuits. Someone who gets hurt falling on an icy staircase can take legal action against you for not keeping the stairs... Read more

  The National Assembly is considering changes to the law on road safety that will apply to all drivers. The proposed changes include curfews for new drivers, winter tires required by December 1, new punishments for drinking and driving, driving distractions and sharing the road. Important! These changes are not yet in force. Before becoming law, the proposed changes must go through a long process. Until then, existing rules continue to apply... Read more

On this International Volunteer Day, Éducaloi salutes the volunteer legal professionals who make our high school workshop program possible!   Éducaloi’s volunteers run free introductory workshops in classrooms in English or French. This school year alone, over 200 volunteers gave nearly 14,000 high school students across Quebec a chance to learn about the law. Enthusiasm for our program continues! Over 250 teachers have asked for workshops... Read more

  Éducaloi recently met with members of Ukraine’s legal community as part of the Canadian-Ukrainian project “Support to Judicial Reform.”   Éducaloi shares its expertise Denis Jacques, judge of the Quebec Superior Court, and Francis Barragan, Éducaloi’s Corporate Strategy Advisor, spoke about Éducaloi’s activities and legal plain language expertise.   A Ukrainian Éducaloi? The stakes are high for Ukraine: restoring citizens’ confidence in the... Read more

Starting December 1, companies won’t be allowed to charge for unlocking your cellphone. Up to now, the phone you bought from a cellphone company was locked. If you wanted to change service provider but keep your phone, you had to pay to have the phone unlocked.   The change in law means two things: Starting December 1, all cellphones will be sold unlocked.  Cellphones bought before December 1 can be unlocked for free.