Harvey in Texas, Irma in the Caribbean... The news in recent weeks might have you wondering whether you should cancel your trip. You have options.   Speak to your travel agent or airline. Hurricane policy, goodwill policy, hurricane insurance . . . Some airlines and travel agencies define what you can do in case of a natural disaster. Policies differ from one agency or company to another. For example, they might let you travel at a later date... Read more

Randy Tshilumba’s trial starts on September 5. He is accused of murdering Clémence Beaulieu-Patry in 2016. What is the jury’s role in a criminal case? On August 28, over 300 people were called to Montreal’s courthouse. 12 of them were selected to form the jury for the trial. In some criminal cases, the jury must decide whether the accused is guilty. So, jury members have an important role and must follow specific rules: *Note that sub-titles... Read more

The federal government is thinking about reducing the legal blood-alcohol limit for drivers. The present limit is .08—that’s 80 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood. The government is looking at reducing it to .05.  Here’s what the law says now about drinking, drugs and driving:  The Crimes Arrest and Tests Consequences Driver’s Licence 

New measures in 2016 and 2017 have given trans persons more legal protection. “Gender identity or expression” is now recognized in many laws. Good to know: “Trans” is an umbrella term that includes all gender identities that are not cisnormative, that is, that do not match the gender assigned at birth. “Trans” can refer to trans women and trans men, and to transsexual, transgender, transvestite, two-spirit, genderqueer and non-binary persons,... Read more

There are a lot of public holidays during the year, including June 24 and July 1. Legal rules vary depending on the holiday. Those rules include what happens when the day falls on a Saturday, like this year. The rules explained here apply to employees covered by the Act respecting labour standards.  Read our article Workplace Protections in Quebec to see if you fall into this category.   A paid day off  A public holiday – sometimes called a... Read more

Specialized websites make it easy to rent a room, apartment or home to travellers. But be careful! In Quebec, there are rules, no matter which website you use. This article explains the basic rules, and refers you to other sources of information.   Renting to Travellers: Sometimes, Often …? If you only rent "occasionally", there are not too many rules to follow. The law does not define "occasionally." But Tourism Québec gives some examples:... Read more

Spring is here, and bikes are back. Some bike for fun, others to get to work. Either way, there are more and more cyclists on the road.  But do they all know the rules of the road? Helmets, headphones, using the sidewalk … What’s urban legend and what does the law really say?    1.  I have to wear a helmet. Answer   False. The law doesn’t require helmets, but it’s a good idea for safety reasons. Careful! In the city of Sherbrooke,... Read more

What can smokers in Quebec do? Take our true or false quiz to find out.   1. You can smoke in your apartment. Answer   True, most of the time. The law doesn’t prevent you from smoking in your own home. But if you are a tenant, your lease might prevent you from smoking in your apartment. And if you live in a condo, your condominium rules might prohibit smoking. In either case, smoking is not allowed in common areas.     2. You can smoke in... Read more