It can be complicated to ask a court for a divorce or a change to a decision in a family matter. That’s why we’ve created guides that walk you through the steps.     Applying for a Divorce This guide and model documents help you manage without a lawyer.    Careful! Each situation is different.  To understand if you need a lawyer, a temporary court decision or can avoid going to court, read our fact sheet What You Need to Know Before Applying... Read more

On November 5, Quebecers will vote in municipal elections. What are they all about?   The Municipality: a Local Government You’ll be electing the city council. It includes a mayor and several city councillors who serve for four years. The city council decides the municipality’s major policies and priorities and ensures they meet the collective needs of residents. It is responsible for important issues such as economic development, urban... Read more

You want to take a case to small claims court? Or perhaps you’ve been sued in this court? Éducaloi and the Table de concertation en matière de petites créances have collaborated on two tools to help you.   The first pamphlet is for plaintiffs – people who take claims to court. It answers questions like how to know if you have a good case and how to collect money if you win. What if you are being sued? How do you challenge the claim? What... Read more

A class action lawsuit against manufacturers of polyurethane foam has been settled: $38 million dollars will be paid to affected consumers.    Did you buy a couch, mattress or office chair between 1999 and 2012? If it was made in Canada with flexible polyurethane foam, you probably paid too much for it! This means you might be one of the consumers affected by the class action and can receive a payout. The settlement applies to other types of... Read more

Domestic and wild animals can run into the road suddenly. Dogs, cats, squirrels, deer … What should you do if you hit an animal with your car in Quebec?    Domestic Animals If you hit a domestic animal, like a dog, you must stop at the scene of the accident. See if anyone needs help, such as the animal’s owner.     No one is around? You can’t reach the animal’s owner?  If the animal weighs 25 kilograms or more, the law says you must report the... Read more

International Conference on Plain Legal Language   Éducaloi is proud to host the next Clarity conference in Montreal from 25-27 October 2018. The theme for Clarity 2018 is Plain Language in Modern Times. Plain legal language means communicating the law in language that is easy to understand. In all its website articles, Éducaloi explains the law in simple language accessible to everyone. Plain legal language is promoted internationally by... Read more

What is “consent” to treatment? What if you can’t decide for yourself? Can you express your wishes in advance? Our practical new guide explains the ins and outs of medical decisions.

Workshops, teaching guides, toolkits … our educational resources for high school and adult education teachers make it easy to bring legal topics into the classroom. No special knowledge of the law is required! These free tools help teenagers and adults learn about the law and become more informed and engaged citizens. The legal themes touch on everything from bullying and privacy rights to driving, consumer rights and financial literacy. For... Read more