Winter Is Back! A Few Reminders…



As Quebec heads swiftly back into winter, here are a few reminders to help you confront it:


Winter tires: As soon as possible!

Starting this year, winter tires will be mandatory in Quebec as of December 1st (instead of December 15). Snow is back, so don’t delay! If you wait until the last minute, garages may be overloaded, and you might not meet the December 1st deadline.  


Rules for temporary car shelters

Many of you will be installing a temporary car shelter this winter to avoid having to constantly clear snow from your car. But you should check with your municipality to see if car shelters are allowed. Several rules apply to

  • the size of the shelter,
  • when you’re allowed to install it, and
  • whether you need a permit (required in some municipalities).  


Heating: what temperature?

Your lease might say that heating is included in your rent. In this case, the rules of common sense apply: no matter what the outdoor temperature, your landlord must maintain an appropriate indoor temperature.   

There is no minimum temperature set by law. But according to the the Régie du logement (rental board), it is generally accepted that indoor temperatures should not fall below a certain level – about 21 degrees Celsius – in normal weather conditions.

Happy Winter!