True or False? Do Smokers Have Rights?



What can smokers in Quebec do? Take our true or false quiz to find out.


1. You can smoke in your apartment.



True, most of the time. The law doesn’t prevent you from smoking in your own home. But if you are a tenant, your lease might prevent you from smoking in your apartment. And if you live in a condo, your condominium rules might prohibit smoking. In either case, smoking is not allowed in common areas.



2. You can smoke in your car.



True, unless someone under 16 is in the car.



3. You can buy cigarettes if you're under 18.



False. Selling cigarettes to minors is not allowed. As of last year, minors cannot buy cigarettes or pretend to be older so they can buy cigarettes.

Since November 26, 2016, adults may not buy tobacco products for a minor.


4. You can smoke near a public place where smoking is prohibited if you don’t go into the place.



False. This is the nine-metre rule. You may not smoke within nine metres of the entrance to a public place where smoking is prohibited.

This rule also applies to the windows and air-intake ducts of these places.



5. You can smoke in public parks.



True, in some situations. The law doesn’t prohibit smoking in parks. But you’re not allowed to smoke near playgrounds or sports fields.

The nine-metre rule applies also to playgrounds and sports fields.



6. The law does not apply to electronic cigarettes.



False. Since November 26, 2015, the same rules apply to both electronic cigarettes and to tobacco products. So, you can’t vape where you can’t smoke.

And selling electronic cigarettes to minors is prohibited.



7. You're allowed to smoke on the terrace of a bar that is on the street.



False. Smoking on all terraces has been prohibited since May 26, 2016, whether the terrace is on the street or at the back of the bar.


8. You may smoke a shisha if the bar allows it.



True, but be careful. Cigar, pipe and shisha lounges must have a valid permit. Also, they may not let minors enter and must obey all conditions imposed by the government.



9. You must be 21 to buy menthol cigarettes.



False, no one can buy menthol cigarettes. Since August 26, 2016, selling flavoured tobacco (cigarettes or shisha) is prohibited. The only exception is for electronic cigarettes for which you can still buy flavoured liquids.


10. Smoking is allowed in a bar, restaurant or club that has a smoking room.



False. It is illegal to have a smoking room in a bar, restaurant or club. Smoking rooms are allowed in some health care centres, such as private seniors residences, psychiatric institutions, long-term health care residences, some shelters and other centres for people in distress. In other words, smoking rooms are allowed in places where people live. Only people who live there can use the smoking rooms.


Heavy fines!

Government or city inspectors are responsible for enforcing the law. The inspectors may visit places where smoking is prohibited and fine offenders up to a few hundred dollars.