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Air conditioners, lawnmowers and barking dogs . . . summer noises can lead to sleepless nights and conflicts with neighbours. But before getting into an argument, learn the rules that you and your neighbours must follow, and how you can solve conflicts through citizen mediation.   1 - Laws, building rules and municipal by-laws deal with neighbourhood noise.   The rules depend on whether you live in the city or the country, in an apartment... Read more

Lawmakers are heading home for the summer. But they’ve proposed some new laws that might impact your everyday life.   Road Safety New rules of the road will take effect gradually until 2019. They included increased fines, no more headphones for cyclists and curfews for people learning to drive.   Normes du travail New labour standards to improve work-life balance will take effect gradually until 2019.   Consumer Protection Changes to control... Read more

Changes have been made to the law on labour standards. Here are five of them, with the dates they take effect.   1 – Annual vacation Workers will have three weeks’ paid vacation after three years working for the same employer, instead of five years. Takes effect January 1, 2019.     2 – Psychological harassment Acts of sexual harassment are now included in the definition of psychological harassment. Workers now have two years, instead of just... Read more

Spring is here, and bikes are back. And there are new rules of the road that apply to cyclists. Helmets, headphones, using the sidewalk … What’s urban legend and what does the law really say?    1.  I must wear a helmet. Answer   False. The law doesn’t require helmets, but it’s a good idea for safety reasons. Careful! In the city of Sherbrooke, everyone under 18 must wear a helmet.     2.  I can listen to music with headphones when I'... Read more

New changes in the law seek to prevent youth and non-smokers from becoming addicted to nicotine through vaping products.   Protecting youth and non-smokers Since 2015 in Quebec, most of the rules on smoking also apply to vaping, including a ban on selling vaping products to people under 18. Now on-line sales of vaping products to people under 18 are also illegal. Delivery personnel have a duty to check that the buyer is 18 or older. Also banned... Read more

Anyone can be a victim of a crime or see someone committing a crime. What are your responsibilities? Must you always report a crime?   No duty to report in most cases Whether you’re a victim or a witness, you don’t have to call the police. Even if a loved one tells you about a crime, you’re not required to tell the police. But be careful not to become a willing accomplice to the crime! It can be a crime to help someone else commit a crime, for... Read more

May 27 to June 2 is Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, an awareness campaign of Justice Canada.   Various events are being held throughout Quebec this week to inform crime victims and the public about victims’ remedies and the services that exist to help them. To learn about the activities or for more information, go to the Justice Canada website.

The case The judge raised the possibility in a recent case involving a child conceived through assisted human reproduction. The child had two mothers, including the biological mother, and a biological father. Both the adoptive mother and the biological father wanted to be named as a parent on the act of birth in addition to the biological mother. But only two names could be included. Cases involving a child must be decided in the child’s best... Read more