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On October 17, cannabis (pot) becomes legal in Canada. Just a few days before the new rules take effect, people still have questions: Where can you smoke? How much can you possess, in public and at home? Important! The rules explained in this article take effect October 17. Before then, cannabis  is still illegal.   How many grams can you possess? The maximum amount depends on where you are. You’ll be able to possess up to 30 grams in public... Read more

Monday, October 8 is Thanksgiving. It’s one of eight public holidays in Quebec. But are you entitled to a long weekend? Here are rules for workers covered by Quebec’s labour standards law.   A paid day off A public holiday—sometimes called a statutory holiday—is a day when you don’t usually work, but you get paid anyway. But you don’t get salary like on a regular work day: you get money as compensation. The amount is calculated based on various... Read more

October 1 is voting day in Quebec. If you must work that day, your employer must give you time off to vote.   Four consecutive hours On Monday, October 1, the polls are open from 9:30 am to 8 pm. If it’s a working day for you, your employer must ensure you have four consecutive hours to vote. Examples: If you usually work from 8 am to 4 pm, you employer doesn’t have to give you any time off because you’ll have four consecutive hours from 4 pm... Read more

As Quebec students go back to school, a case about sharing intimate photos is making the news. Here are reminders about what the law says.   Crimes Sharing intimate photos of someone without that person’s permission is a crime. For example, you can’t post intimate photos of your ex on social media or send them to a friend. If the person in the photos is under 18, anyone who shares the photos can also be accused of distributing child pornography... Read more

The provincial election campaign is now in full swing. On October 1, almost 6.1 million Quebecers will be called to the polls.   Why vote? In a few weeks, you can vote for your member of the National Assembly (MNA). Quebec is divided into 125 ridings, and an MNA is elected for each riding. Usually, the leader of the party that wins the election becomes the premier of Quebec. The outcome of the election has an impact on citizens’ daily lives.... Read more

The Montréal Pride festival runs from August 9 to 19: ten days of community and cultural events to celebrate the journey toward equal rights. Here are some landmarks in the LGBTQ+ struggle in Quebec and Canada.   1969 – Homosexuality is decriminalized. 1969 was a turning point in Canada that ended over 100 years of prohibition and severe sanctions. Before then, homosexuals could be sent to prison for 5 to 14 years!     1976 – Discrimination... Read more

Every year, forest fires ravage thousands of hectares of trees in Quebec. People aren’t always to blame, but are you allowed to start a fire in the great outdoors?   In Quebec’s national parks A simple rule applies in Quebec’s national parks: campfires are only allowed in places specifically marked for that purpose.   In or near a forest Before starting a fire in or near a forest, make sure you follow these rules: Clear all dead wood, branches... Read more

Planning to take a motorcycle on your vacation? Whether it’s your own bike or one borrowed from a friend, make sure you know all the rules of the road!   Extra rules for motorcycles The rules for driving cars apply to driving motorcycles: respect speed limits and road signals, don’t drive while impaired, etc. But motorcyclists must follow additional rules. You and your passengers must wear helmets or risk a fine of $200 to $300. You also need... Read more