New on the Road: Motorized Wheelchairs


Since June 1, 2015, motorized wheelchairs and three- and four-wheeled motorized mobility aids can share the road with cars, bicycles and pedestrians.

This is a pilot project of the Quebec department of transport. It will test whether these “motorized mobility aids” (MMAs) can co-exist with other users of roads and sidewalks.

The pilot project runs for three years across Quebec.


MMAs Can’t Be Used Everywhere

You can now use MMAs on sidewalks, bike paths and roads.

On roads, MMAs have to stay on the extreme right side. They can’t travel in the middle of a traffic lane.

Important!  In these situations, MMAs have to stay on the shoulder of the road. The shoulder is the border on the far right of certain roads:

  • when the speed limit is more than 50 km/h  
  • on two-way roadways

When MMA users are in groups of two or more, they must be in single file.

Also, they can’t travel on autoroutes or access ramps.


Required Safety Equipment  

MMAs must have 

  • reflectors on four sides, and
  • an orange triangular flag when on the shoulder of a road with a speed limit of 70 km/h or more.

At night, three- and four-wheeled MMAs must have a white headlight and a red light on the back.


What You Can’t Do

MMA drivers who don’t follow the rules of the pilot project and the Highway Safety Code can be fined.

Also, there are some special rules for MMAs.  For example, they can’t be used to pull people, trailers or any other object. They can't carry passengers, except for children under five.


Pilot Project Ends in June 2018

When the pilot project ends, the Quebec department of transport will study the information gathered on the use of MMAs.

The department will then decide whether to include MMAs in the Highway Safety Code to give them the same rights and responsibilities as other road users.


For More Information . . .

The Quebec department of transport has information on the pilot project, the rules for MMAs and recommended equipment (Web page in French only).