Legalizing Cannabis: Four Points



Legalizing cannabis takes effect this summer. The rules are still being debated and might change. For now, here are four things to know.



Smoking cannabis in your home will be legal, but a lease or condo rules might not allow it.

Smoking outside will be allowed according to the same rules for smoking tobacco. You won’t be allowed to smoke cannabis in public places, bars, restaurants, children’s playgrounds, sports centres or on terraces. And the nine-metre rule will apply.



You’ll be allowed to carry up to 30 grams of cannabis in public places and up to 150 grams in private places.

In places like kindergartens, daycare centres, prisons and schools (except CEGEPs and universities), you won’t be allowed to have any cannabis.

Minors won’t be allowed to carry cannabis anywhere.



A special organization, Société québécoise du cannabis or SQC, will be responsible for selling cannabis. So, the province will have a monopoly on its sale. You’ll be able to buy up to 30 grams at a time at an SQC outlet. You’ll also be able to buy it on the internet.

Minors won’t be allowed to buy cannabis and won’t even be allowed in an SQC outlet. Also, SQC outlets won’t sell to people who are high on drugs or alcohol.



For now, you won’t be allowed to grow cannabis at home, whether for personal use or to sell. You’ll be fined for growing up to four plants, and growing more will be a crime. 

Businesses will need a permit to grow cannabis and will only be allowed to sell to the SQC. A grower who sells to someone else could be fined a few thousand dollars.