Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: Can you cancel your trip?



Harvey in Texas, Irma in the Caribbean... The news in recent weeks might have you wondering whether you should cancel your trip. You have options.


Speak to your travel agent or airline.

Hurricane policy, goodwill policy, hurricane insurance . . . Some airlines and travel agencies define what you can do in case of a natural disaster. Policies differ from one agency or company to another. For example, they might

  • let you travel at a later date,

  • let you travel to another place, or

  • reimburse you in money or credit vouchers.

Find out whether there’s a hurricane advisory for the airport or place you’re travelling to and whether there’s a policy that applies to your situation.


You paid for your trip with a credit card.

Some credit card companies will cover the cost of a trip you cancelled because of a hurricane or tropical storm. Careful! Check whether your situation meets all the requirements.  


Can your private insurance help?

If you have private insurance or group insurance at work, you might be protected if you must cancel a trip. Find out whether you have this protection.