Gym Memberships: It’s Not Too Late (to Cancel)!


It’s back-to-school time and you’re determined to get back into shape by joining a gym! But what if your enthusiasm fades? Can you cancel your gym membership and get a refund? This article provides some useful information so you won't lose money for nothing.

Learn About the Gym's Cancellation Policy

Before deciding which gym to join, make sure you ask questions about their cancellation and refund policies. Some gyms will let you put your membership on hold for a few months or let you cancel your membership without having to pay a fine.


Pay in Several Instalments

The law lets you make at least two separate payments if your membership fee is over $100. So if you've paid only part of the fees and can't get a refund when you cancel your membership, you'll lose less money.


How to Cancel

If you want to cancel your gym membership, you must act fast! The law lets you cancel your membership before 1/10 of the length of your membership has passed. For example, if you have a one-year contract, you'll have to cancel before the 37th day into your membership, which is 1/10 of the year.

If you cancel during this time, the gym can't make you pay more than 10% of the total price.  

You have to cancel your membership in writing.

Some things that are tied to your gym membership will be cancelled at the same time and on the same conditions. Examples are locker rentals and babysitting services.

Your membership contract must be in writing and include the information the law requires, such as the deadlines for cancelling and the maximum fees you'll have to pay. If the gym didn't respect these requirements and this has caused you problems, you might be able to cancel your membership.


Getting a Refund

If the gym has to refund any money, it has to give you your refund within ten days after you cancel your membership.


Important Exception: Gyms in Schools and Universities

These rules don't apply to gym memberships in schools, CEGEPS and universities. But this doesn't mean you're not allowed to cancel your membership. Many of these gyms will let let you cancel your membership in some situations, for example, if you're injured or if you move.

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