FACIL’iti - Making Websites More Accessible



Éducaloi is pleased to announce its partnership with FACIL’iti

FACIL’iti is a tool that makes websites more accessible to everyone. It does more than just change the size of text: FACIL’iti changes type, colours of letters and words, spacing, the arrangement of pages, etc.

To use FACIL’iti, you need to create a profile by clicking on the logo on the top right side of this page. You will be asked some questions to help you create a profile that suits your needs. You can choose to get extra help while making your profile. Just follow the instructions.

FACILI’iti also has some ready-to-go profiles you can select by clicking on the names (“comfort”, etc.) or on one of these conditions:  

Éducaloi is constantly working to make legal information more accessible to all citizens. Our partnership with FACIL’iti is another step forward. It will help make our website content available to everyone.