Drinking and Driving: the Old and the New



Every year during the holiday season, roadblocks seem to pop up everywhere. Since December 18, police officers have more leeway to ask drivers for a breath sample.


No need to suspect drivers of drinking

Under the old rules, police could ask drivers for a breath sample if they thought the drivers had been drinking, for example, they could smell alcohol on a driver’s breath. But now police don’t need a reason! They can ask all drivers they stop for a breath sample. So, they can do this, for example, at a roadblock.


Alcohol and drugs: know the rules

You’re not allowed to drive with more than 80 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood (.08). Nor are you allowed to drive if your ability to drive is decreased by alcohol, even if your blood level is under .08.

Also, you can’t drive if your ability to drive is affected by drugs. This applies to pot for which there are also legal limits.