Divorce and Separation: Step-by-Step Guides



It can be complicated to ask a court for a divorce or a change to a decision in a family matter. That’s why we’ve created guides that walk you through the steps.  


Applying for a Divorce

This guide and model documents help you manage without a lawyer.   

Careful! Each situation is different.  To understand if you need a lawyer, a temporary court decision or can avoid going to court, read our fact sheet What You Need to Know Before Applying for a Divorce.


Changing a Divorce Judgment 

Job loss, a salary raise or decrease, a move … sometimes you have to get a change to a court decision on living arrangements for children or child support. 


Changing a Judgment: Common-Law Couples

Unmarried couples can also ask for changes to a court decision on living arrangements and financial support for children. The steps are different than for married couples.