For many parents, back-to-school is very stressful: a drop-off at daycare before getting the older one to school and then rushing off to work. But there could be a heavy price to pay if you drive too fast.   Watch your speed! The speed limit generally depends on the type of road. On most city streets, the speed limit is 50 km/h. But it can be much lower in school zones (for example, 30 km/h), so pay attention to signs! If you exceed the speed... Read more

It’s easy to get a parking ticket! There’s lots of confusion about what’s allowed and what’s not when it comes to parking. Here’s five things you need to know to sort fact from fiction and avoid unpleasant and expensive surprises.    Hazard lights won’t stop you from getting a ticket Hazard lights won’t protect you from a ticket in a no-parking zone. You should only use hazard lights in dangerous situations (for example, an accident, mechanical... Read more

The Montréal Pride festival runs from August 8 to 18: ten days of community and cultural events to celebrate the journey toward equal rights. Here are some landmarks in the LGBTQ+ struggle in Quebec and Canada.   1969 – Homosexuality is decriminalized. 1969 was a turning point in Canada that ended over 100 years of prohibition and severe sanctions. Before then, homosexuals could be sent to prison for 5 to 14 years!     1976 – Discrimination... Read more

You’ve probably noticed there are more electric bicycles on Quebec roads these days. Last year, Montreal’s Bixi self-serve bicycle stations began offering electric bikes. This year, the transportation company Uber jumped on board and is making its own electric bikes available. But did you know that specific rules apply to electric bicycles?   What is an “electric bicycle”? It’s a bike with an electric motor. When the motor is off, the cyclist... Read more

Cases involving hidden defects often come up before the courts. If you’re thinking about buying a home, keep your eyes wide open! Buyers usually think of inspecting things like the roof or the foundation. But some defects may be hidden in… strange places!   What is a hidden defect? A defect is a major problem that affects the quality of a building and prevents the owner from enjoying it fully, or from using it normally. In other words, the... Read more

The Superior Court of Quebec has just authorized a class action against Apple. The lawsuit contends that Apple broke the rules of the Consumer Protection Act.   Poor battery life and ignoring legal warranty In late 2017, Apple publicly admitted that it was receiving complaints about the poor battery life of some of its devices. Following that, a class action was filed against Apple. The class action also concerns the extended warranty sold by... Read more

Summer is here, and you want to go camping! Many national parks await you. But there are other options as well. Here’s a short guide to where you can (and can’t) pitch your tent.   Camping on public lands Did you know you’re allowed to camp on some public lands? They’re part of our collective heritage and belong to all Quebecers. When camping on public lands, you must use temporary and mobile equipment, and take it with you when you leave. Of... Read more

Every year, forest fires ravage thousands of hectares of land in Quebec. There are several forest fires burning right now! Not all fires are caused by people. But you still need to know if you are allowed to make a fire, whether at home or in the great outdoors.   Complete ban At any time, there may be a complete ban on open-air fires in certain areas of the province. A ban applies to backyards just as to forests. The Minister of Forests,... Read more