Since the legalization of pot (cannabis) in Canada, the Quebec government has taken a number of steps to tighten the law.  Some of these new rules came into force recently. This article discusses the new legal age limit, whether smoking pot is allowed in public places, and the sale of edibles.   The new legal age for buying pot is 21 On January 1, the legal age for buying pot was raised from 18 to 21. This means people under the age of 21 aren’... Read more

Medical help to die became legal in Canada in 2016. To qualify, individuals must complete several steps and meet strict legal requirements. The government plans to amend the law because a court has ruled that some of the requirements are invalid.  A public consultation on the topic is now underway.   Invalid requirements In January 2019, two Quebecers challenged the law after they were refused medical help to die. They had incurable... Read more

Each new year is an opportunity to look back on the past. Each day brings new experiences, new questions about your rights, and you look to Éducaloi for the answers. Housing, family, work . . . here are the most consulted articles in 2019.                    

Beginning January 1, 2020, all cats and dogs over the age of six months must be sterilized and have a microchip.   No pet licence without sterilization and a microchip Beginning January 1, 2020, Montreal residents who own a dog or cat must provide proof that their animal has been sterilized and microchipped. Without this proof, they won’t be able to obtain or renew a pet licence.   There are some exceptions, for example, if the pet is six... Read more

A new law imposing breath screening for life for repeat drinking and driving offenders came into effect this week. This measure is part of a major reform of the Highway Safety Code adopted in 2018.   From the time of a second offence Drivers who commit a second impaired driving offence will now have to keep an ignition interlock device on their cars for life. This device prevents a car from starting when it detects the presence of alcohol in... Read more

On November 20, 1989, the International Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by almost all the countries in the world at a General Assembly of the United Nations. The Convention requires the countries that signed it to protect and defend the rights of children.   Canada: a signatory since 1990 Canada signed this international treaty in May 1990. By signing the treaty, the Canadian government recognized that children under 18 have... Read more

As Quebec heads swiftly back into winter, here are a few reminders to help you confront it:   Winter tires: As soon as possible! Starting this year, winter tires will be mandatory in Quebec as of December 1st (instead of December 15). Snow is back, so don’t delay! If you wait until the last minute, garages may be overloaded, and you might not meet the December 1st deadline.     Rules for temporary car shelters Many of you will be installing a... Read more

You would like to sell your house, and you know that a suicide or violent death occurred there. Do you have to tell potential buyers about it?   To Declare or not to Declare? Honesty is the best policy. When you sign a brokerage contract with a real-estate agent to sell your house, you must complete the form Declarations by the Seller of the Immovable. It includes a specific question about whether a suicide or violent death occurred in the... Read more