The case The judge raised the possibility in a recent case involving a child conceived through assisted human reproduction. The child had two mothers, including the biological mother, and a biological father. Both the adoptive mother and the biological father wanted to be named as a parent on the act of birth in addition to the biological mother. But only two names could be included. Cases involving a child must be decided in the child’s best... Read more

The Quebec Superior Court just allowed a class action to be taken against Samsung Electronics and Samsung Electronics Canada.   Defective washers A request to start a class action against Samsung for manufacturing and selling washers at risk of exploding was made in October 2016. The class action covers anyone who bought any of these top-loading washers in Quebec manufactured between March 1, 2011 and October 31, 2016: WA5471ABP/XAA, WA5451ANW/... Read more

Major changes to the law will affect all users of roads and highways, including drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. The changes take effect at different times.   Principle of caution The changes call for caution towards more vulnerable users of the road. It sets out a hierarchy of users from the largest vehicles (trucks, cars, etc.) to the most vulnerable (cyclists, pedestrians).   Cyclists: no cellphones or headsets Cellphones... Read more

Watch out for fake text messages from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Phishing: sending fake emails or text messages to get your personal information.   Fraud and technology Advances in technology make fraud hard to spot. Phishing is one of the most frequent schemes. For example, you get an email that looks like it comes from your bank saying money was transferred to your account. You’re asked to click on a link. It brings you to a website... Read more

On May 1, the standard minimum wage will increase from $11.25 to $12 an hour. But there are some rules you might not know.   1)Workers who get tips The minimum wage is lower if you work in a restaurant, bar, hotel, etc. and regularly get tips from clients. As of May 1, 2018, your employer must pay you a minimum of $9.80 an hour, regardless of the tips you make. There’s an exception if you must wear a uniform (see below).   2)Berry Pickers If... Read more

There are a lot of public holidays during the year. This year, the spring holiday is on March 30 or April 2. Can you take both days off work? If not, which day are you allowed? The rules explained here apply to employees covered by the Act respecting labour standards. Read our article Workplace Protections in Quebec to see if you fall into this category.   Friday or Monday? Your employer decides whether you take the holiday on Friday, March... Read more

Hampstead, a town on the island of Montreal, plans to ban smoking in all public places, including on the street! The ban wouldn’t apply to electronic cigarettes. The ban is to take effect in the coming weeks and reminds us of the many ways smoking can be banned.   Quebec law bans smoking in all public places in the province, such as in schools, hospitals, bars and restaurants. It also bans smoking within nine metres of these places. Municipal... Read more

The Quebec Superior Court just permitted a class action to be taken against Bayer and Syngenta. The two companies sell pesticides that might be harmful to bees.   The class action was started in 2014 by beekeeper Steve Martineau on behalf of all beekeepers in Quebec. The culprit is neonicotinoids, a chemical in pesticides said to cause mass deaths of bees. The beekeepers are asking for over four million dollars in compensation. But the class... Read more