Everything You Need to Know About Common-Law Relationships

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In Quebec, one out of every three couples lives together without being married. But many of these couples mistakenly think they enjoy the same protections as married couples. Here are articles explaining the ins and outs of common-law relationships, what happens when these couples separate and how they can protect themselves.


Important! These articles only apply to unmarried couples, often called “common-law” couples. To learn more about married couples, see our Editor’s Picks file Separation and Divorce: The Legal Impact of a Breakup.


Common-Law Relationships and What Happens After Separation

What you should know about how the law treats common-law couples.




Division of Property


How Common-Law Couples Can Protect Themselves

Legal documents these couples can use to avoid unpleasant surprises.


The Lola Case in the Courts

Find out about a court case that provoked a lot of discussion and strong reactions. These articles explain the issues at stake in the case: whether common-law couples can ask for financial support and a division of family property after a separation.