About – Our Areas of Focus

To carry out its mission, Éducaloi focuses mainly on two areas: plain legal language and legal education. Our activities in these areas inform and educate citizens about their rights and responsibilities and the Quebec legal system. We equip citizens to be more engaged and to recognize the legal dimensions of everyday life situations. All of this contributes to improving access to justice.

Plain Language and the Law

Plain language is an integral part of everything Éducaloi does. It is a set of techniques and attitudes aimed at simplifying legal language and making it accessible to people without special training.

Legal plain language is a field of expertise recognized around the world and promoted by international organizations. Éducaloi plays an active part in these organizations.

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Legal Education

Éducaloi is a leader in legal education in Quebec. We create teaching materials and activities to help educators bring the law into the classroom. Our activities help teenagers and young adults become active, informed citizens.

Éducaloi plays an important role in the Public Legal Education Association of Canada, and also collaborates with many international groups.

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