About Éducaloi – Our Team

A team of 23 specialists in law and communications carries out the organization’s mission. Students in law and communications help us throughout the year. The team also works with many outside collaborators and volunteers.

Our Team

Ariane Charbonneau

Executive Director


Five years as Assistant General Director of Éducaloi prepared Ariane Charbonneau to assume its helm in February 2017. An entrepreneur at heart, a natural leader and network builder, she turns strategic vision into action.

Her excellent planning skills and enthusiasm help Éducaloi fulfill its mission and long-term strategic goals. A priority is to strengthen and expand the organization’s core financing to ensure its future.
Ariane will pursue Éducaloi’s philanthropic transformation using her solid business development skills and ability to bring people together. She has already built a strong network of enthusiastic ambassadors and supporters from law firms, government and the judiciary. 


An Exceptional Career

Ariane has had a rich professional career. She is a lawyer, has been a member of the Barreau du Québec since 1993 and holds an MBA from HEC in Montreal. Her early practice focused mainly on environmental and municipal law. She then worked in business development for a multinational firm, in Toronto and in Montreal, before joining Éducaloi in 2012. 

She was elected president of the Young Bar of Montreal in 1998 and held senior positions with The Bar of Montreal and the Barreau de Québec. She has been on the Board of Directors of Équiterre since 2013 and on the Board of Directors of the Office de la protection du consommateur since 2014.



Geneviève Benoit

Director, Content Planning and Production


An exacting professional with strong organizational skills, Geneviève manages and supports the creation of Éducaloi’s legal information and educational materials. 

Geneviève is strongly committed to Éducaloi’s mission and strives to make the organization’s expertise known to the legal community, the education sector and the public.  

Since joining Éducaloi, she has spearheaded various important projects. She has a wealth of experience as project coordinator and as head of youth and legal education programs. Geneviève helped establish Éducaloi’s solid reputation among educators. She developed an important partnership with the department of education, making room for legal education in the curriculum.

Her intellectual rigour, enthusiasm and organizational strengths will ensure Éducaloi achieves its strategic goals in the long-term.

Geneviève was admitted to the Barreau du Québec in 2005 and since then, has used her passion and creativity to advance Éducaloi’s mission. 


Francis Barragan

Corporate Strategy Advisor


Francis advises the Executive Director and the management team on corporate strategy and governance, internal and external relationships, as well as on student human resources.

Innovative and inquisitive, he is known for his empathy, team spirit, intellectual rigour and wisdom. He has successfully held numerous positions since joining Éducaloi which naturally led to his present role.

His noteworthy contributions include

  • supervising and mentoring a team of some 15 interns selected each year from various law faculties,
  • three years of ongoing update of Éducaloi’s Web content, and
  • creating spots on “legal myths” for the French television series Ruptures.

Francis was admitted to the Quebec bar in 2004. He has a Master’s in business law and a Juris Doctor in North-American common law. Before joining Éducaloi, he was legal counsel on the federal commission of inquiry on the Air India matter and at the Canadian Institute for Health Information.


Laurence Bodjrenou

Communications Advisor


Coming soon.


Dominique Boutin

Plain Language Specialist


Dominique creates legal information tools for adults and for youth.

She first joined Éducaloi while a student and by the end of 2015 assumed a more important role in the organization, working on projects that support Éducaloi. Her contributions include

  • giving presentations to parents and youth workers,
  • creating innovative Web articles on the youth criminal justice system intended for youth in trouble with the law and their parents, and
  • designing infographics to illustrate the court process in divorce and legal separation cases.

Dominique worked for the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) and a housing committee. She was also an assistant editor for the Revue Québécoise de droit international.

Dominique received several academic awards and was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2015. She is an empathic lawyer who brings her dynamic personality, good judgement and intellectual curiosity to her work.


Sahra Chebli

Plain Language Specialist, on maternity leave


Sahra designs and creates legal information tools for adults and for youth.

She has a master’s degree in public law and a master’s in private law from France, and completed an equivalency program at Université de Montréal.

Following her studies at the École du Barreau, Sahra was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2014. She then practised law with a firm known for its expertise in class actions and civil litigation.

Committed to the importance of improving access to justice, she joined Éducaloi in 2016.


Marjolaine Condrain-Morel

Plain Language Specialist


Coming soon.


Sarah Dougherty

Head of Services for English-speaking Communities


Sarah has a long history of community involvement and extensive work experience as a lawyer, journalist and translator.

This background has given her an intimate understanding of Quebec’s English-speaking communities and how to tailor Éducaloi’s services to their distinct needs.

Sarah is responsible for

  • developing a knowledge base about Quebec’s English speakers,
  • creating a plan to meet their needs,
  • coordinating all of Éducaloi’s services in English (website, print publications, services for schools, etc.),
  • building partnerships with organizations serving English-speakers, and
  • representing Éducaloi on important justice-sector committees where services in English are discussed.

Admitted to the Quebec bar in 1988, Sarah practiced law for many years in the areas of commercial litigation and constitutional law. She later co-authored a study on minority-language education rights for the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages of Canada.

Sarah then worked for ten years as a business and sports journalist for daily newspapers and for various magazines and websites. At the same time, she was a freelance legal translator.

Aside from her law degree, Sarah has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature and a Master's degree in journalism.

She joined Éducaloi in 2009.


Frédéric Dubeau

Legal Communication Assistant


Frédéric is a paralegal and Web professional. He helps maintain Éducaloi’s website and publishes legal content on various platforms. His dual competencies allow him to do both legal research and Web analytics, suggesting appropriate solutions. Working with the Manager, Information Technologies, he is also actively involved in the organization’s technology

Frédéric has a CEGEP diploma in paralegal studies and worked four years reviewing financial documents for a large translation company. He joined Éducaloi in 2016.


Manon Ferrand

Plain language specialist, on maternity leave


Coming soon.


Vincent Fournier-Héroux

Plain Language Specialist


Coming soon.


Leah Gardner

Translator and Plain Language Specialist


Leah creates legal information and education tools, and provides services tailored to Quebec’s English-speaking communities.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in international development studies in 2007, and a degree in common law and civil law in 2015 from McGill University. She also completed the Intensive Semester in Aboriginal Lands, Resources and Governments at Osgoode Hall Law School.

Before studying law, Leah was the public education coordinator at a social justice non-profit in Montreal.  She has also worked in immigration law, aboriginal law and human rights law. Leah was called to the Quebec bar in 2017.



Dominique Giroux

Head of Communications and Philanthropy


Coming soon.


Alexandre Haslin

Content Editor


Alexandre is a journalist. He works with Éducaloi’s plain language specialists to develop clear, accessible legal content. He supports them in implementing effective content strategies and editorial guidelines.

He is responsible for

  • organizing and writing the “In the News” section of Éducaloi’s website,
  • writing content for the site and other platforms, and
  • the organization’s social media presence.

Alexandre has a Master’s degree in literature and the media and was as a journalist in France, reporting on education and training. He then worked in radio in Quebec and joined Éducaloi in 2016.


Mirianne Lebel

Coordinator, Youth Programs and Legal Education


Coming soon.


Paolo Miriello

Administrative Coordinator


Coming soon.


Michaël Poutré

Head, Legal Content Update and Development


Michaël keeps up with developments in the law and how they affect the daily lives of Quebecers. He is responsible for ensuring that Éducaloi’s legal information is always relevant and up-to-date.

His skills provide useful support to the team’s numerous projects. He is a good communicator and uses his skills in these ways:

  • He regularly writes articles for print media and speaks on television and radio to explain legal concepts in everyday language.
  • He gives workshops to judges on using plain language in their written decisions.
  • He is actively involved in developing legal content for Éducaloi’s website.

Michaël has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 2012. In addition to his law degree, he has a certificate in philosophy and a CEGEP diploma in multimedia arts. While studying law, he worked at LexUM’s legal information lab and in a law firm. He then worked three years as a legal researcher at the Quebec Court of Appeal. Michaël joined Éducaloi in 2015.


Émilie Raymond

Plain Language Specialist, on maternity leave


Émilie designs and creates legal information tools for various audiences.

She was admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2014. She was awarded the Bar of Montreal prize for the highest-ranking student throughout the bachelor degree.

She began her legal career with legal aid in Montreal and then practised in family law and youth protection at a law firm.

Émilie has a Masters in Criminology and was a lecturer at Université de Montréal in the Certificate in Victimology program.

She worked with Éducaloi while a student and then joined the organization as a plain language specialist in November 2017.  


Patricia Richard

Editor in Chief


Coming soon.


Guillaume Rondeau

Chief Plain Language Specialist


Guillaume coaches Éducaloi’s team of legal plain language specialists and ensures their skills are up-do-date. He fosters strategic thinking and improved work practices, while ensuring that the team explains the law in everyday language. 

Known for his analytical skills, rigour and versatility, Guillaume also helps public and private organizations simplify their legal communications. He trains and gives conferences to legal professionals and the public. Being a good communicator, he often explains the law in the media.

Guillaume is committed to improving access to justice. These are some of his achievements:

  • He wrote and updated these Protégez-Vous legal guides: an estate guide in 2016, a guide on early childhood in 2014 and a guide on consuming goods and services in 2011.
  • Working with the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la Jeunesse, he created a guide simplifying the Quebec Charter of human rights and freedoms.
  • He has worked with various organizations to simplify legal information documents such as contracts, forms, questionnaires, presentations, pamphlets, guides, videos and Web content, and magazine and newspaper articles.

Guillaume was admitted to the Quebec bar in 2010 and worked in labour law for the Quebec civil service. He joined Éducaloi later that year.


Pénélope Roussel

Plain Language Specialist


Coming soon.


Diane Skiejka

Translator and Plain Language Specialist


After obtaining a bachelor's degree in psychology, Diane Skiejka earned degrees in both civil and common law from McGill University. She has extensive experience in private practice, specializing in trade-mark law at a major law firm. She has been a tutor on trade-marks for the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada. Diane left private practice and helped structure a small business venture. She later returned to McGill to study translation, completed a practicum with the Translation Bureau and worked as a freelance translator. She also narrated a collection of children's audio books. Diane joined Éducaloi in 2014 as a translator and plain language specialist. She translates and creates legal information resources in plain language.


Diana Toffa

Project Coordinator


Coming soon.


Throughout the year, interns and students from different universities work with Éducaloi.

Here are our enthusiastic troopers:

  • Alexandra Bahary, Université du Québec à Montréal; 
  • Anne-Philippe Houle, Université de Sherbrooke
  • Mariève Morin-Bourdin, Université de Sherbrooke
  • David Medcalfe, Université de McGill;
  • Esmeralda Tardif-Morency, Université de Sherbrooke; 
  • Juliette Pronovost, Université de Sherbrooke; 
  • Béatrice Cosgrove, Université de Montréal;
  • Frédérique Cannon, Université de Montréal

Volunteers and Collaborators

We count on many volunteers and collaborators to help us create legal information materials. We could not carry out our mission without their generous contributions of time and their creative, writing and technical production skills.